Add friends to my guide

Please follow these three steps :

  1. Step 1: Invite your friend to use My Hong Kong Guide
    1. Select ‘My Friends’ on the main page.
  1. b. Invite your friend through Facebook, Weibo or by email.
  1. Step 2: Add your friend to your friends list
    1. Select ‘My Friends’ in the menu
    2. Search for your friend by name or email in the ‘Find Friends’ field and click ‘Add’.
    3. Your request will be sent to your friend. Your friend will need to click 'Confirm' to accept you as a friend.
    4. Note: Your friends must activate their accounts before you can search for or add them.
  1. Step 3: Add your friend to your guide
    1. On your guide page, click the add friend icon.

Chat with your friends

You can leave a message to your friends by posting comments at the bottom of your guide.
All modifications you made to the guide will be logged. You can see them anytime in ‘Trip History'.

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