Access your guides on the go

Download My Hong Kong Guide app – Your local travel mate on the go.

Comprehensive travel tool:

  • Create and edit guides with friends
  • Get access to 1800+ things to do in Hong Kong
  • Snap a shot to share your trip with friends and fellow travellers
  • Collect stars to track your journey and earn bragging rights
  • Catch the latest promotions
  • Get in-app e-coupons for accommodation, tours, dining, shopping and attractions offers

Log in to the app and retrieve all content you created on the website.

Stay connected with Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card

To stay online while avoiding roaming charges, pick up a Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card when you land in Hong Kong. You’ll get a great deal of mobile data, low-cost international calls, updates on the latest happenings and more.

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